Gay marriages or same-sex unions have a long history and an established mark in the timeline of many countries. Even though it has got a lot of media coverage over the last few years, same sex unions have been part and parcel of the histories of civilizations over the planet, and have taken place in unsanctioned, informal ways right up to high and mighty rituals including marriage.

Same sex union traces its origins right to the Roman Empire and Ancient Greece, one of the two most thriving civilizations in history. It has its foundations laid firmly in ancient Mesopotamia, certain regions of China, and Eastern Europe. However, the Mesopotamian civilization most recognized same sex unions and even had rituals and practices for the same. There were prayers included in the Almanac and Incantations to favor the equalization of the love for a man and a man right up there with the love of a man and a woman.

There is recorded evidence of Ancient Mesopotamians supporting the same sex rituals in accordance with their religious scriptures. These civilizations were not only tolerant of the same sex practices but also tried to equalize it in the eyes of their deities and the religious law which at the time was above everything else and ten times as rigid as it is currently today.

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